Thursday, January 23, 2020

Socialism Eliminates…Capitalism Empowers!

Clip of John Di Lemme sharing at the Keep the State Red Rally why we must fight against socialism in America and fight for...

7 Record-Breaking Results of the Economy Under President Trump

Enjoy this quick recap of John Di Lemme's teaching at the Conservative Business Journal Mastermind Event, *7* Record-Breaking Results of the Economy under President...

3 Reasons Why Every Christian Should Vote to Re-Elect President Trump in 2020

Why should Christians vote to re-elect President Donald J. Trump in 2020? There are literally hundreds of reasons, but here are *3* main reasons that...

President Trump’s Letter to Our *9* Year Old Niece

Yes!  President Donald Trump sent a letter to our nine year old niece, Lexi, recognizing her for her tribute to Veterans that she sent...

President Trump and the Shalva Band at the Israeli American Council National Summit

President Trump delivered remarks at the Israeli American Council National Summit 2019. His speech was inspiring for all who listened, but Israel's beloved Shalva...

President Trump Delivers Remarks at Salute to America

President Trump delivers remarks at the Salute to America on July 4, 2019 in Washington, D.C. from the Lincoln Memorial. In addition to the President's...
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Economic Truths Exposed on i24 News by John Di Lemme

After the Labor Department released the job report on Friday, I was asked provide a few talking points about the report on i24 News,...
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Happy Birthday President Trump & We Love Old Glory!

Happy Birthday President Trump! We have a responsibility as American citizens to support our country and our President. We can do it if we...

National Day of Prayer 2019

Here's President Trump's full speech at the National Day of Prayer... Source:

The ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism…Ringing in 2020!

What a better way to ring in the New Year, but with this excerpt from John Di Lemme's ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism to...